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Writing Peace into the World


“I don’t do this to change the world. I do this to keep the world from changing me.”
—an anonymous protestor

Over the years I have taught workshops and classes on using writing to learn about peace, and to bring peace forward into our lives. This is an easily tailored program that can be offered as a 6-week class, a half-day, or even one hour workshop.

Workshop/Class Description

We live in troubling times, times that have included warfare and even genocide. For those of us who yearn for a different language, can we find a way to renew and maintain a sense of hope for the future? When we say we want peace in the world—peace in our own lives—are we only describing an absence of violence? The goal of this program is to consciously explore the nature of peace through writing.

Writing can be a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and the world; writing can even change how we relate to both ourselves and the world. Students pull from their own craft toolkits of poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction. It doesn’t matter where students are with their own writing. There will be something here for beginners and advanced students alike.

This program is both for writers interested in exploring peace and social justice issues, and for peace and social justice activists new to writing. Together, we can write peace into our lives and into the world.


I offer this program in the spirit of generosity. Students choose the level of support they wish to give in the same spirit, completing the circle of of giving and receiving. This provides an opportunity to look closely at our fear, greed, and confusion as well as the simple joy of a generous act. Supporting each other can be a source of joy and connection.

I am also happy to donate a portion of the contributions to an appropriate peace-related charity. This program is perfect to use for an organization’s fundraising and community building.


For more information, contact me at moore031@umn.edu.

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Gentle names like Ari-el belie the nature of their true forms.

from The Owl and the Fox Trap by Michael Kiesow Moore

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